English Dub Voice Of Vados Disclose In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2/Super


The English name voice on-screen character for Vados has now been found. You can hear her voice first in the DLC for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and prospective Dragon Ball Super.

Voice on-screen character, Caitlin Glass, made the uncover over on her Twitter account. She posted a picture of Vados who will be playable one week from now in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

She likewise posted this message: “Jan ’04 @VoiceOfVegeta was my first chief @ Funimation. Did bits for DBZ here and there however so glad to be a piece of the Dragonball fam… for genuine after this time! Much appreciated, Sabat #Vados”



She’s presently formally part of the Funimation family. Funimation is the North American studio liable for the English name for the Dragon Ball anime and computer games. You won’t hear her in Dragon Ball Super yet as the English name is still in the Battle of Gods adventure. You’ll hear her soon once they get to the Universe 6 versus Universe 7 adventure.

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