Why isn’t Epic releasing Fortnite patch notes?


Why isn’t Epic releasing Fortnite patch notes?

Epic still can’t seem to discharge fix notes for Fortnite Chapter 2 or the resulting update. This could be the motivation behind why.

Epic Games has been straightforward with the Fortnite player base through the span of the initial ten seasons. They have consistently discharged week by week fix notes to mention to us what’s changed, in any event, clarifying these progressions to clarify the technique behind them.


In spite of the fact that we didn’t generally concur with the improvement group, we as players had the option to comprehend what was happening. At the point when we played, we didn’t need to address in the case of something happened on account of a shrouded update none of us thought about.

With the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2, Epic changed this training. They didn’t discharge any fix notes for the update, despite the fact that they totally redesignd the plundering framework, changed certain weapons, and made chests bring forth at a 100% rate – among numerous different changes.

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The main absence of fix notes was justifiable. Epic needed us to consider Fortnite Chapter 2 as a fresh out of the box new game. At the point when the Division 2 came out, you didn’t search for fix notes to mention to you what had changed since the primary game. You discovered all alone as you played.

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Presently, however, we’ve seen the principal content update of Chapter 2 go back and forth with no official fix notes from Epic. We realize that they fixed a couple of bugs and redesignd the XP framework, however don’t have the foggiest idea whether they did anything separated from that.

Why would that be? For what reason is Epic keeping the Fortnite fix notes covered up? There are a few hypotheses on this front.

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The subsequent hypothesis is additionally threatening. Epic doesn’t need us to perceive what they’re doing. We, as players, whine a lot about any change Epic makes. A little – yet significant – change could get saw in the fix takes note of that would somehow or another take players half a month to comprehend.

The less Epic lets us know, the less we’ll need to grumble about. Presently, everything we can grumble about is the way that Epic isn’t being straightforward any longer.

Credit: Epic Games


In the event that this is really the situation, it will outrage the center player base of Fortnite. At some point or another, Epic is going to roll out an extreme improvement that is broadly abhorred. Players won’t know the particulars of the change – at any rate immediately. Tragically, the disappointment could end with an enormous downtick in the Fortnite player check.

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