How to Get Ritual Skulls in Sea of burglar


Get your hands on a Ritual Skull in Sea of Thieves so you can enact the Fort of the Damned.

Any player that needs to take an interest in the new Fort of the Damned should realize how to get a Ritual Skull in Sea of Thieves. This new kind of skull was included with an ongoing update, and keeping in mind that they won’t bring forth arbitrarily as remunerations, there is an approach to follow them down.

Step by step instructions to Get Ritual Skulls

Ocean of Thieves Ritual Skull 1024×576 – How to Get Ritual Skulls in Sea of Thieves

Ceremonial Skulls will ordinarily just be uncovered, except if taken off of another group. Along these lines, you should initially get your hands on a guide that pinpoints where a Ritual Skull is covered. There are a couple of approaches to get your hands on this guide:

  • Execute an arbitrarily brought forth skeleton skipper
  • Buy a Ritual Skull journey from Duke for doubloons or gold
  • Partake in an extraordinary occasion

The remainder of these techniques is a to some degree uncommon event. From time to time, Rare presents another occasion, and once in a while these journeys reward Ritual Skulls. It’s one strategy, yet likely the least successful.

Indisputably the most straightforward approach to get a Ritual Skull is to buy a Ritual Skull journey from Duke. These journeys are x-denotes the spot maps that take you straightforwardly to one of these things. This skirts the problem of cruising to numerous islands. The main downside is that one of these journeys will cost you a bunch of doubloons and the other a ton of gold.


Haphazardly bringing forth skeleton skippers currently drop Skeleton Orders when slaughtered. These maps lead right to a Ritual Skull.

Outside of these occasion based journeys, the other strategy is to execute a skeleton chief and take its requests. Players would now be able to discover skeleton chiefs generated haphazardly on islands out on the planet. These skeleton skippers drop a letter with a guide. This guide directs you to an island that will generally have a couple of crosses. This is an incredible method to get a couple of Ritual Skulls in one go.

What’s far and away superior is that these skeleton request maps may even have Reaper’s Chests. These chests reward 25 doubloons when offered to Duke in a Tavern.


In the wake of getting a Ritual Skull, you would now be able to take it to the Fort of the Damned to begin the new movement or sell it for a couple of doubloons. It’s constantly worth slaughtering those skeleton skippers and getting their requests, as no one can tell when you’ll need a Ritual Skull. Sail over to the Guide Stash Sea of Thieves chronicle for considerably all the more pilfering tips!

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