This ‘Band’ emote concept would be a perfect addition to Fortnite

This synchronized act out thought would be an ideal fit in your Fortnite storage.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 carried another development to Fortnite beauty care products. This was the first occasion when we saw an agreeable act out in the game.

The High-Five act out was not much, yet it made the way for a large group of additional opportunities. We’ve just observed Epic include another couple of synchronized acts out, however nothing has hopped off of the page at this time.

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One Fortnite player has a thought for another act out – this one including up to four players. It’s a ‘Band’ act out where every individual from the crew plays an alternate instrument.

You could have a guitarist, drummer, and bass player as default band members. An interesting wrinkle would be to let players choose different instruments, such as a saxophone, keyboard, etc. That way, a Team Rumble squad could come close to an orchestra.

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Epic have been adding real songs to Fortnite as well, so they could even add a lead singer track to this emote.

This cosmetic item would be a best-seller if Epic put it in the Fortnite Item Shop. The only hurdle would be the logistics. It may be difficult to synchronize such a complicated animation with four or more different players.

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A full-team synchronized emote would be something – even if this particular idea doesn’t come into the game. With so many musical emotes, though, it would be awesome to have one that we could all do together.

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