All Daito Jade Rabbit Statue Site on the Moon in Destiny 2

Something is hiding on the moon in the form of a cuddly creature. Find them all with this guide.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Is underway, and people are clamoring to discover every secret. Hiding one of the Moon are many Jade Rabbit Statues. Here are the Daito Jade Rabbit Statue Locations.
Daito Jade Rabbit Statue Locations

After a rocky start, Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Is underway, and Bungie has included plenty of secrets. Among those secrets is that the locations of the Daito Jade Rabbit Statues. As a result of Reddit consumer niitq we know where you can find them.

Much Like the Cat Statues on the Dreaming City, these Daito Jade Rabbit Statues are not easy to find and demand a unique consumable to be presented to them; the Rice Cake. These can drop from a number of sources on the Moon however are quite rare. There are a total of nine statues which may be found.
Chamber of Night

You will find One of Night at the Chamber of those Daito Jade Rabbit Statues. To get to the Chamber of Night, you will need to head to Anchors of Light and enter Crota’s Temple. Make your way down Crota’s Temple making sure you stick into the left side of the wallsocket.
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Follow The path to an open room where you will see a large object. Immediately take a right, go through the doorway, and eventually turn left at the fork. This path will lead you to The World’s Grave (Not ours).

Run directly through the center of this World’s Grave and Take a left through the doorway, preventing any enemies on the way. Following this course will lead to the Chamber of Night. Go until you get to a door which has a light. Turn around and go toward the big rock in the middle, jump on top to discover the statue.

This statue is Undoubtedly the most easy to find. Load into the Sanctuary where Eris Morn is situated. You will need to walk towards your ship, fall off the platform, or walk to the sweeper bot. Until you locate the Jade Rabbit symbol on the wall when you are on the amount, then head into the room.
Sorrow’s Harbor

Next, Make your way at which the Nightmare Ogre spawns and you’ll want to quickly traveling to Sorrow’s Harbor. Together with the Redkeep to a right-hand side, head down the stairs toward both columns standing up from the red platform on the rightside. You will notice two eyes .

In everybody’s Favorite place on the Moon is home to one of those bunny statues. You’ll want to locate the bridge close to the altar that’s close to the mouth of the Hellmouth. As soon as you’ve found the bridge, then hugging the rock wall on the side. Follow the path until you come upon the Jade Rabbit statue on the chair.
Anchor of Light

From Sanctuary head on the side to Anchor of Light. Take a left and head to the structure right ahead upon entering. You will want to jump up to a stage that’s supporting the Fallen banner, and you’re going to see that the Jade Rabbit statue.
Missing Sector: K1 Logistics

Head Into the Lost Sector: K1 Logistics at play and Archer’s Line it like normal. You’ve cleared the area of enemies; you will discover the bunny in the area situated behind the torso. You will see a Cat State.
Archer’s Line

Starting To Archer’s Line, hop in your sparrow and mind in Sanctuary. You are going to be looking for the dome. Enter the dome where the statue will soon hide beneath the box next to where the enemies spawn and proceed through the back room on the right.
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Shrine of Oryx

After The Jade Rabbit is found by you in the dome arrangement in Archer’s lineup, take a right and head down the catacombs toward the Shrine of Oryx. Run towards a giant spike in the center of the space and take a left of Wisdom. Until you reach the Shrine of Oryx, and upon going into the open, Stick to the tube, you are going to want to stick the side of this platform after it around to where the Jade Rabbit is.
Circle of Bones

The Circle of Bones is obtained via the catacomb entry. Follow the trail through the catacombs, and you’ll go down some stairs once you jump across the pit. Fall upon the ground, as you walk through the doorway and walk beneath the platform on your right. Sticking to the right-hand side of the wall, the statue will be found at the back right-hand corner.

The Video above shows the places of Daito Jade Rabbit’s areas Statue locations. The Jade Rabbit is an emblem that goes straight back to the Earliest Destiny and can be made from looting a gold chest from Ocean of Storms. Take a look at our Destiny Two archives for more guides such as the Tire Game.

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