Watch the Complete History of Destiny so Far

Strap in and get ready to learn about Destiny in this movie by My Name is Byf.

Byf is back with another video that summarizes the background of Destiny. Watch the comprehensive story of Destiny because you prepare for Destiny two Shadowkeep.
Total Story of Destiny

My title is Byf is well known for his amazing movies that describe the lore of this area of Destiny. These tales include not just amazing narrative but also consist of artwork that is beautiful. 2 decades back, Byf created a Entire Story of Destiny movie that told the story of this very first Destiny.

2 Bungie is preparing to launch a new growth, settling in to a new residence on Steam, also a different movie has been made by Byf. In this moment The Entire Story of Destiny, Byf starts with the very intriguing piece of Destiny Lore, The Book of Sorrows.

When the Book of Sorrows is finished, Byf gets to the narrative of the very first Destiny directing players old and new through tales after abandoned. The narrative continues into Destiny Two The fall of a Guardian, Together with the autumn of the Traveler fresh Hive’s coming on Mars, The Queen coming, and Calus testing our could.
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The Total Story of Destiny is an excellent jumping-off stage for new players that are experiencing Destiny at a brand new light. Byf does a excellent job moving through Destiny Lore and makes the best minutes even better.

The movie is a four-hour-long travel through the world of Destiny and will get you through the downtime Bungie has set up to prepare to get Shadowkeep.

Destiny 2 New Light and Shadowkeep can be found to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, and PC beginning October 1. Have a peek at our Destiny two archives for more information and information for Destiny two Shadowkeep.

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