Thief Simulator VR is forthcoming to Steam Early Access

Ever wondered what it would be like to break in to homes, preventing authorities, and become a burglar? Month if Thief Simulator VR strikes accessibility It is possible to experience it.

Without Possessing any experience, I suppose there is a reasonable quantity of thrill connected with living a thief’s life span. old me and my buddies from the playground would play cops and robbers there was. It is a bit odd to hide behind trees along with my friends Nowadays, but GameBoom VR will allow me to live out that dream in reality. Thief Simulator VR will soon be hitting early accessibility on Steam in October.

Polish studio GameBoom VR’s aim with Thief Simulator VR was supposed to recreate the first Thief Simulator match in glorious digital reality. Owners of the name will get a discount towards the purchase.

Back in Thief Simulator VR, You will experience a variety of activities. Alternatives for looking for keys choosing locks, or hammering a window with a crowbar are certain to result in results that are inconsistent. Your jobs vary from break-ins that are easy to stolen automobiles for parts.

Here are some of the highlighted features coming into Thief Simulator VR:

  • Fully-immersive realistic mechanic at VR. Feel how crush everything in a home, it would be to lock select doors, steal cars, leap through windows, and hide in a garbage can.
  • Follow a scheme and pay off a debt into a mysterious household or pick by yourself that home you may rob next in this sandbox world.
  • Disassemble stolen automobiles, hack tablets and phones on your hideout; and market all products in a pawn shop or from online.
  • Purchase new burglar gadgets and tools that will Permit You to rob wealthier individuals
  • Drive automobiles with completely implemented VR-adapted driving version and perform with the automobile interior

Thief Simulator VR will probably be available in early access in October on Steam and Viveport for $15. It is compatible with Valve Index headsets, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, and all the Oculus Rift.

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