Where to dry land on Bullseyes in Fortnite

If you Are Expecting to Wash up Any last-minute Struggles in Fortnite Prior to the conclusion of Season Xthen you will need to be sure to land from Battle Royale on Bullseyes. This may mark among those Bullseye challenges off and give you Battle Stars determined by how much you’re into this group of assignments. Keep on reading to learn where to property on distinct Bullseyes from Fortnite.
Property at Distinct Bullseyes

We all know of three Bullseye places in Fortnite. That’s how many you will want to land on to finish this challenge. We’ve circled each of three Bullseye places below. Following is a outline of where to obtain each and every one.

  • C6 — North of Greasy Grove
  • B8 — Southeast of Frosty Flights
  • G9 — About a desert mesa northeast of Lucky Landing

You will Need to target upon falling at the onset of the match in the Battle Simulator. Therefore, at least three should be taken by this challenge. Be certain that you complete the game as you usually would, after landing a Bullseye. Do not back out otherwise your efforts will not rely on the challenge.

The Conclusion of Fortnite Season X is coming quickly, but there is still time Staying level your Battle Pass and challenges. Check out our guides On where to dancing at several telescopes and in which to locate lost spray cans to wash up some old challenges which you may have missed.

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