How to Solve the Private Gnome Puzzle in Giddy Park – PvZ Battle for Neighborville

We clarify the riddle behind those stone stages and weird elf entryway in Giddy Park.

Plants versus Zombies Battle for Neighborville apparently has privileged insights everywhere. One mystery is found in the Giddy Park PvP zone, which likewise houses a few brilliant fish. On the off chance that you altogether investigate Giddy Park, you will locate a secretive elf entryway along the external edge of the locale. We’ll disclose how to open this entryway and tackle the mystery elf puzzle inside Giddy Park so you can open new chests and an outfit for Night Cap.

Enact the Stone Platforms

The initial step to tackling this mystery little person puzzle is to discover a progression of stone chunks on the ground in Giddy Park. Every section will have an image on it, for example, a scoop or boot. To enact the stone stages, you should remain on the stage and play out a signal by pushing down on the D-cushion and looking over to the motions tab.

PvZ BFN Giddy Park Secret Puzzle Stone Platform 01 1024×576 – How to Solve the Secret Gnome Puzzle in Giddy Park – PvZ Battle for Neighborville

In the event that you have any motions favorited, you can utilize these too. In any case, pushing down on the D-cushion to play out an arbitrary motion won’t work. You should choose the signal from inside the menu. After you signal on the chunk, it will illuminate, affirming its enactment. There are six stone chunks altogether all through Giddy Park.

PvZ BFN Giddy Park Secret Puzzle Stone Platform 02 1024×576 – How to Solve the Secret Gnome Puzzle in Giddy Park – PvZ Battle for Neighborville

State the Magic Word

After you have enacted every one of the six stone sections in Giddy Park, you would now be able to make a beeline for the secretive little person entryway to endeavor to open it. The little person entryway is found on the correct side of the recreation center in case you’re originating from the plant produce. The entryway is on the upper floor over the arcade.

PvZ BFN Secret Gnome Puzzle Password 1024×576 – How to Solve the Secret Gnome Puzzle in Giddy Park – PvZ Battle for Neighborville

At the point when you approach the entryway, its eyes should now be shining. To open it, you should state the right expression from your discourse menu, which again is available by squeezing up on the D-cushion. Look over to the Statements tab and discover “Dwarves” at the base of the rundown. State this word inside scope of the dwarf entryway, and it will open.

Tackle the Puzzle Sequence

Enter the entryway and proceed down the section until you arrive at a riddle with three switches and a progression of images on the divider. The left switch moves the entire succession to one side, the correct switch moves them to one side, and the center switch swaps the third and fifth images with one another.

The objective with this riddle is to placed the images in the right request by utilizing the switches to pivot and move them all through the grouping. At the point when an image is in the right position, the green diamond underneath it will illuminate.

Solving this puzzle is no easy feat. We believe most players start out with a random sequence, so we can’t tell you exactly how to solve it. What we can tell you is the final sequence you are trying to achieve. Here is the correct sequence of symbols: shovel, fence, flamingo, flowerpot, glove, rake, boot.

When you have achieved the correct sequence, all three chests in the room at the end of the hall will become available. The two outer chests contain 30,000 coins apiece, while the middle chest will grant the Gnomish Spot-Shroom costume for Night Cap. You can unlock the two chests without solving the puzzle, so even if you don’t solve it, you can still earn some extra coins for a couple spins on the Reward-O-Tron.

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