Planet Zoo: South America packet DLC is Coming Soon

Planet Zoo is arranged to get its second arrangement of DLC one week from now. The South America Pack is made a beeline for Planet Zoo on Tuesday, April 7. The DLC shows up close by Update 1.2, which contains different fixes and ongoing interaction enhancements. You can get an early gander at the tropical new DLC in the declaration trailer beneath.

The South America Pack acquaints five new creatures with Planet Zoo: the Jaguar, Llama, Capuchin Monkey, Red-Eyed Tree Frog, and Giant Anteater. Like all creatures, the new increments each have their own territory prerequisites and care needs. The DLC additionally includes in excess of 250 new bits of landscape to the game, a considerable lot of which are roused by the foliage and engineering found in South America.

That equivalent day, players can anticipate the free Update 1.2 for Planet Zoo, which highlights game enhancements dependent on player input. In the update, the engineers at Frontier will release the Genealogy UI, which permits you to see the family bloodlines of every creature. Having the option to follow a creature’s family ties should help forestall undesirable inbreeding in your zoo.

The update will likewise acquaint three new trouble settings with the game. The trouble setting will influence different parts of zoo support, including how rapidly creatures become focused and how much cash visitors will spend at the zoo. Heaps of different changes are coming in Update 1.2, so make certain to survey the full Update 1.2 fix notes for subtleties.

In case you’re hoping to include progressively extraordinary creatures and tropical plants to your life, at that point you’ll need to get the South America Pack when it discharges for Planet Zoo one week from now. The DLC costs $9.99 and will be accessible on Steam on April 7.

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