Ghost of Tsushima gets a new Popular Music date on PlayStation Canada website

PlayStation Canada site has shifted Ghost of Tsushima launch date, sparking rumors of a potential delay.

The launch date employed on the official site is Aug. 1, 2020, although the match is expected to start on Jun. 26.

Since it is a Saturday — a day when matches do release in boxes digitally, the date is a placeholder.

The simple fact that Sony is currently operating around the launch date is questionable in itself and may be hinting at the writer preparing statements on the subject.

Lately, the Japanese stage owner discussed the potential flaws to its PlayStation 4 first-party exclusives as a result of logistical issues caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

The Last of Us Part II and Marvel’s Iron Man VR happen to be postponed forever , and don’t have fresh release dates.

Together with Ghost of Tsushima releasing in June, there is a chance it might be involved in this procedure for re-evaluation of launch dates also, though just by a small as the placeholder is reporting an August release date.

While matches’ releases may be at risk, PS5 remains allegedly starting at the end of 2020, though with limited output.

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