The Captain is Dead is glance for beta testers, if you think you can survive

Thunderbox Entertainment is seeking people to beta test their upcoming match, The Captain is Dead. A game conversion of this highly regarded tabletop board game in the AEG, Thunderbox is turning the mad dash for survival into a survival strategy match in the heart of the board game.

The style is a charming low-poly effort that remembers that cardboard pieces of the game, along with the view are perfect for a game trying to replicate the charm of looking down in a busy board game.

In The Captain is Dead, the captain is, very literally, dead. Save everyone’s lives on your boat and it is up to you to take command. You need to repair your ship’s jump center so it is possible to escape dodge, and the one thing standing between you and safety is an alien ship which would really much like to leave you down to a part atoms along with a succession of unfolding disasters.

Then you can sign up for a beta tester for this sport if that all sounds like fun. Head over to the Thunderbox Entertainment site and Enroll. The match is expected to launch”in a month or 2,” so you can get ahead of this curve and become a survival master while your friends all breathe their final frozen breaths in the cold embrace of area’s frightening emptiness once the game starts.

Thunderbox Entertainment is a U.K.-based studio set up by industry pros Dan Taylor and Jules Morgan. The team has experience working together with time, on some of the greatest games of the previous decade. The studio specializes in finding great boardgames and turning them into games.

Consequently, if you feel as though you have what it takes to be Captain of an ship and get everyone make sure you visit their website and sign up for the beta.

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