This Call of Duty Warzone sniper manual

This Call of Duty Warzone sniper manual covers what you need to know in order to be effective sniper. The basic skills are planning fast and a steady hand. Outside of that there are a few strategies along with tricks and tips to be a effective Warzone sniper.

These are some basic strategies for playing the sport effectively as a sniper. That is what you want to keep in mind. Call of Duty Warzone Sniper Guide — Plans Call of Duty Warzone is a particularly great game for snipers. In comparison to other Battle Royales such as Fortnite or PUBG, a Warzone sniper may be a good deal more effective. Between weapon-balance works, to what sort of gameplay that the map favors and the way aiming, snipers have a lot of advantages here. Sniping is tough. Skilled snipers are tough to find, and being a sniper in different games is a different experience. Between hitboxes, speed, and bullet drop there’s much more to understanding about sniping in every new game.

  • Early Game – The early game is going to be spent grabbing some basic loot and getting some kills in. Land somewhere large enough to get the cash you need quickly. You’ll need enough to purchase at least a loadout. You can’t reliably be a Call of Duty Warzone sniper unless you have access to your loadout and a Sniper rifle.
  • Loadout – The best Warzone sniper loadouts are a whole topic for themselves. However, for basics of any sniper loadout you’ll need a decent sniper (The HDR is a great choice), the right attachments, and equipment like a claymore or mine for defense.
  • Don’t Push Forward with a Sniper – Your sniper rifle isn’t much good for pushing forward and use on the move. This is mainly since you’ll be in a bad position for good parts of your push, so sniping efficiently isn’t going to be easy. Skilled players can manage quick scopes in this situation, but it is dangerous. Even if you manage them a good amount of the time, this is a trick shot and not an effective strategy.
  • Teamwork – As a sniper, you have some obvious flaws. You should rely on your team as much as possible, and make sure they know you’ll be taking shots from a distance.
  • Take Your Time with the First Shot – Take your time lining up your first shot since you have the element of surprise. After this though, fire rounds off quicker and go for the chest. They’ll be moving too erratically for a comfortable headshot.

Call of Duty Warzone Sniper Guide – Aiming

As a Call of Duty Warzone Sniper, aiming is kind of the most important skill. If you want to learn to be an effective sniper, you’ve got to have good muscle memory with aiming. Using the right settings can help with this. Outside of physical dexterity though, there are some tips and tricks you can use to even out the odds.

  • Movement – When you’re lining up a shot, physically move around. This keeps you safe. Only stop moving when your shot is lined up and ready to fire.
  • Scoping – When lining up a shot, go in and out of your scope often. Aiming outside of the scope with some efficiency despite the range makes this a lot easier. If you can master this, you can use attachments that signal your position when aiming a lot easier, since you won’t give enemies long enough to react to it.
  • Practise – Practise aiming while moving since this is going to be vital for Warzone snipers. It is difficult at first. Multiplayer is great for getting some practice in though, just remember to use the same loadout.
  • How Many Hits? – The HDR sniper can always kill with a headshot. But you may need 3 to kill on the body.
  • Bullet Speed – Warzone has a fast bullet speed. Bullet drop isn’t as much of an issue either. This makes compensating for those a lot easier. If an enemy is in a reasonable distance, you don’t have to aim above their head since a slightly low shot will still hit their chest or the bottom of the head.


Positioning is key to success as any type of player in Warzone. Beyond pure skill, choosing the right position to engage from is really important. For Warzone snipers, your positioning is going to help you take more shots and stay safe while you do it.

  • High Rise Buildings With Cover – High ledged buildings are your best choice for a vantage point. You’ll want a spot where you can safely move to cover.
  • Peeking – If you’re caught in a fight with an enemy sniper or another long-range player, peak to line up your sights. You can also use it to draw your enemy into firing, which gives you time to take your shot after they’ve shot.
  • Choke Points – Your way up to the vantage point is important. The ideal spot is somewhere with a chokepoint blocking access. This gives you a very defendable spot if a team tries to rush you. Even in Solo, a chokepoint is going to give you a lot more security.
  • Use Equipment to Guard – Leave your mine or claymore in the chokepoint on the way to your position. The mine either hits them or you hear the noise and know the enemy coming.
  • Sniping in the Open – This is a bit too dangerous in Warzone. If you’re confident you’re defended, then they’re okay for vantage points. Using the storm as a barrier behind you can work. Otherwise, you leave yourself exposed by sniping in the open.
  • Close Quarters or Enemies Nearby – Enemies in Warzone have a lot more health than multiplayer. Warzone snipers indoors or closer distances aren’t as effective. If your shot misses the head, you’ll be dead before you can take another shot at them. Use Overkill and carry a defense weapon for these encounters.


Character skins kind of make a difference here. Go for a skin that helps you blend in with earthly tones and bushes. With outdoor sniping more difficult, go for tones that help you blend into bushes and other environmental elements.

Sniping in Warzone

Sniping in Warzone is difficult, and it takes quite a bit of skill. Compared with other Battle Royales though, sniping can be a lot more rewarding. Our other guides to Call of Duty Warzone can help you master the basics of the game to get better as a sniper, and get a better frames per second for a more responsive aim.

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