Phoenix is a personality which works really nicely for independent players. He is pretty much alone at the game this manner. But this doesn’t mean that you should not be playing in tandem with the rest of your team. Phoenix’s abilities mainly serve to push him which your staff can arrange around. If you are a player that is independent or you’re looking for an offensive agent to play then Phoenix is a great selection. This Valorant Phoenix guide covers how to get the absolute most. Valorant is a complex game, using different agents, maps, and weapons to balance. You’ve got to get the most out, if you want to be playing your best. Most of your choices in the game though begin with your agent. Choosing the right agent for you is difficult, but as soon as you find them you have got to put some time to mastering them. This Valorant Phoenix guide covers the agent that focuses on moves.

Valorant Phoenix Abilities Guide


Curveball is an essential ability to master if you’re playing as Phoenix. You can summon a fireball which acts as a grenade. It is a flashbang, which can blind players who look at it for around a second and a half. This blinding also applies to you though, and your teammates in Valorant. Phoenix’s kit is built around grenades, and this is a perfect move for fragging.

It does take things a step further though, this frag can be curved around corners. This plays into the gameplay that tends to happen in Valorant and allows you to push past those corners that become chokepoints. You’ll need to spend some time mastering the curve.

The use of this ability is pretty textbook. Disorientate opponents before pushing in to get the kill.

Hot Hands

Hot Hands is the second ability that is similar to a grenade. This one is free, but you only get one use. This Valorant Phoenix ability is like a Molotov grenade. It deals damage, but can also be used to push enemies out of an area or even clear a room and hallway of a lot of combatants. When you step into the area, you’re not hurt. Instead, you can heal up to around 50 points. Your teammates don’t share this bonus though.

This one is best used to push forward and secure ground, or push enemies out of a zone. It does decent damage, but most players will fall back rather than soak that damage up. Don’t be afraid to use it defensively either.


This ability in Valorant is one of Phoenix’s more tactical options. It is a wall of fire that you can throw up. This blocks your enemy line of sight and makes them proceeding unlikely. This is really helpful to zone enemies out and force them to take another route. Standing in it can also heal you, just like with hot hands.

One of the more complex things to do with this ability is to control where it falls in a curve rather than a line. You can do this by holding your mouse button while you move, but getting the right curve is going to take some practice. Beyond those applications, you can use it to block out other abilities if timed properly.

Run it Back

This Valorant Phoenix guide covers all abilities, but perhaps the most important is the ultimate. This is one of the most fun abilities in the game to use. Run it back allows you to become invincible for seven seconds. Once your time is up or you die, you respawn where you activated the ability in your normal state.

This lets you rush into an area all guns blazing and attempt to make some progress. Successful or not, you’ll respawn just fine. One important thing to keep in mind with Run it Back is that your respawn animation takes a few seconds. If you respawn in danger, you’re as good as dead. Make sure you’re somewhere secure to use it.

As well as having great offensive potential, you can call out some recon information to your team from Run it Back. This ability is really fun and has loads of great applications in Valorant for Phoenix.

Phoenix Tips and Tricks

Those are all of the Valorant Phoenix abilities. However, playing Phoenix in Valorent well takes a bit more. These are some strategic tips and tricks to get the most out of this character:

  • Phoenix is best suited for pushing out ahead of other players.
  • The curveball is perfect for this.
  • As well as offensive though, the abilities have some defensive capabilities. Don’t forget about this.
  • Stick to what Phoenix is good at and frag enemy players. Support players should be supporting you in this.
  • While Valorant Phoenix works great as a solo agent, you need to be in communication with your team. You don’t need to help others very much with phoenix, but you’ll need to be coordinated to rely on others.
  • The healing elements of your abilities are worth keeping in mind even if they’re not the most effective way to use them.
  • You should try to master curving your ability over a wall as well as around a corner. This is a great bit of technical skill that you should master as a Phoenix player.

In Valorant, Phoenix is one of the most fun agents to play as. Try to master these abilities and use them in conjunction with the rest of your team to be successful. Our other guides to Valorant can help you with the rest of your gameplay, like the best weapons or settings for the highest frames per second:

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