When Does Nightwave Season 3 “Glassmaker” Begin In Warframe?

So the Nightwave Intermission has come to a conclusion, and it is going to be time for Season 3 into being. Then you need to understand that Digital Extremes has yet to announce an official launch date, if you’re thinking about when exactly that is. All indications hint into the season coming in May, as we understand 23, but this is about as far.

The season is named Glassmaker and chooses the kind of a murder mystery. We’ve had hints throughout their streams and have seen some footage of everything might seem to be a portion of the year, which will be exploring for hints.

Murder victims will probably show up in the match turned into glass by means known to the Orokin. Unlikely seasons, which performed over cutscenes, these scenes throughout Glassmaker is going to be more interactive.

You’ll have the ability to walk about and hunt for clues, as you attempt to work out that the Glassmaker is, why they’re targeting the sufferers, and the way you might aspire to prevent somebody, or something, which may turn their enemies . For the time being, many information concerning the new season as being kept confidential.

The season will also present benefits along with the seasonal credits which you can use to purchase makeup and things from Nora Night. You should expect lots of challenges, you’ll have to complete to make rewards and those credits.

We’ll continue to keep this article as we know about this Nightwave Season 3 launch date.

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