Best Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Error Code Diver | Cod: Mw And Warzone Glitch Fix Tips

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Error Code Diver. This difficulty rears its skull when a download fail, though, luckily, there are some simple troubleshooting steps that you can take. attach with us as we walk you from side to side them and aim to get you back up and organization ASAP.

CoD: Modern Warfare and its separate battle royale mode, CoD: Warzone, can both fall victim to a number of glitches and errors. One of the more irritating issues that can strike across PCPS4, and Xbox One is

Best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Error Code Diver fix tips

Whether you’re downloading Modern WarfareWarzone, or a game bring up to date for either title, it’s possible to come across the annoying “DIVER” error code courtesy of an in-game message. It’ll inform you that the download has failed and prompt you to retry, but that isn’t likely to work without first taking some steps to rectify the issue.


  • Quit out of the game completely.
  • Reset your internet router.
  • After waiting sufficient time for it to fully reboot, launch the game.
  • That should fix the issue, but if not, close the game once more.
  • Connect your console or PC to another Wi-Fi network (where possible).
  • Connect your console or PC to a mobile data hotspot.
    • Note: Be mindful of any charges this may incur.
  • Launch the game under your new connection.

After performing the above steps, you should have provided a stable connection for the download to be completed. Feel free to revert back to your initial network settings once it’s done, then get back to playing CoD: MW and/or Warzone as normal.

If you’re still struggling with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Error Code Diver after completing every step, consider contacting Activision Support.


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