The Ultimate Guide To Half-life: Alyx Reportedly Has 1-2 Million Owners On Steam

Valve has not disclose sales data so, even as not official, Steam Spy is at least useful in formative .

Half-Life: Alyx is report to have sold 1 to 2 million copies on Steam, according to Steam Spy.Despite COVID-19’s disruption in production, Valve Index saw a major boost in sales gratitude to the launch of the title, the latest entry in a much-loved and long gone franchise.

The report data is that the game, one of the most ambitious titles obtainable for virtual reality devices, now has one to two million owners on Steam.Steam Spy is an automatic service that gathers data from Steam user profile based on Web API provided by Valve, and that makes it hard for it to be imprecise, though.

Users have tried and found ways to play it without such headsets, and perhaps mods like this have convinced players to buy it even not owning any Steam VR device.

At the time being, Half-Life: Alyx is a PC exclusive, but Valve has not ruled out a release for PlayStation VR sooner or later, and that would further boost its userbase.


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