contemporary, multiplayer remake of the 1996 cult classic FPFPShex Quest HD is currently available on Steam.

In this name, the Intergalactic Federation of Snacks’ outpost on Bazoik has been taken over by evil cereal-eating critters known as Flemoids. Held captive against their will, it is up to you along with the Chex Mix Squadron to spare them from captivity.

Taking charge of one of those six different members of the Chex Mix Squadron, players will be able to use zorching devices that can send those invaders back to their home dimension. Players do not have to choose this one alone however; along with its single-player mode, players can also encounter Chex Quest HD with its split-screen multiplayer mode.

Learn more with the official game trailer below:

Chex Quest HD

Note that players may unlock Chex Quest Multiplayer codes through pick packages of Chex Mix, the official Chex Mix Instagram account, or through

All those interested can download the game on Steam at no cost here.

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