GT Sport Update 1.59 May 22


Polyphony Digital has lasted with their amazing post-launch support of Gran Turismo Sport, as the GT Sport upgrade 1.59 May 22 patch is now available for downloading! This brings into a new car in the Mazda RX-Vision, and more!

Besides teh patch notes, we also have a trailer for your Mazda RX-Vision GT3 concept as well as an overview of the car.

GT Sport upgrade 1.59 May 22 patch notes:

1. Cars

— The following new car was included:

2. Campaign Mode

3. Decals

— New into Decals in My Library are Mazda and Mitsubishi logos, as well as the 100th anniversary Mazda logo, which is obtained when selecting a vehicle from Mazda or Mitsubishi from the Livery Editor.

We fixed a problem where a punishment was wrongly assessed occasionally when exiting out of the pits during online races.
— Various different issues have been addressed.


The MAZDA RX-VISION is a concept car declared at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. This car is also powered with the next generation rotary engine”SKYACTIV-R”, a fantasy that Mazda would like to bring to existence later on.

The MAZDA RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT conveys the layout beauty of the base car in the form of a more competitive race car. To meet the performance demands of the Gr. 3 class, the layout draws from the 787B engine theory, using a 4 rotor engine brought back to life using SKYACTIV technology. This brand new jet engine has been mounted in a lightweight body to achieve unprecedented performance.


the fact that there’s a new car more than makes up for it, no?


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