MIZUCHI iOS Latest Version Free Download

MIZUCHI iOS Latest Version Free Download

MIZUCHI iOS Latest Version Free Download

Mizuchi is a Action, Adventure and Casual match for PC released by Aikasa Collective at 2020. Investigate a legend!

Mizuchi PC Sport 2020 Overview:

The game employs the legend of the White Snake queen. However, doesn’t mention roots, therefore can be performed 18, if not understanding these items.

A succinct story. Linh was created in a village which woworshippingnakes as gods. The household is not good. She had to sneak food to sustain herself day. But he saw an snake that was white, so that he shared some meals. He also had been involved after returning to the village.

It is not that the White Snake Biography may not be performed with the Chinese. We do not know whether the lily match Chinese group will take this match later on. Have not played a lineup yet (do not care about the time… we forgot to hang on the desktop ) When we started looking at the match.

InteInterface we believed it had been the story of 2 wings and the protagonist’s younger sister.


After enjoying the start, we believed it was the narrative of this overbearing snake woman who fell in love with the village woman. We tWeught there will be hatred and love this manner… The outcome is a very long storyline. The three of you’re speaking about about,is so great.


You need meat, you have to be vegetarian. The plot is twisted afterwards (not completed yet). After enjoying Qianzhong, the snake woman and the Fahai cp feetoso powerful.

Features of Mizuchi:

  • Ai (Good) – Focus on the background of Ai’s story.
  • Jinhai (Good) – focuses on the background of Jin Hai’s story But there is a story added to Ai after the first root Expanding the mission, why Jinhai is involved
  • Friends – End the friendship style. Nothing here Like taking the first root and the second root to mix and change the end result
  • Jinhai (True) – Looks like Root 2 but is happy.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Processor: 1 Ghz
  • Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card
  • Storage: 600 MB available space
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