System Shock 2 Free Download For PC

System Shock 2 Free Download For PC

System Shock 2 Free Download For PC

System Shock 2 Free Download For PC


Remember, it was my will that brought you here. I will give you cybernetic implants. This is the only beauty in the meat you call a “body.” You will value this meat if you are serious about it.” FPS-RPG is a cult-classic sci-fi horror. The cold chill of your cryotube awakens you to find cybernetic implants placed on your flesh. You are greeted by the infected as they roam the halls.

Their screams and moans call you to join them. SHODAN, a rogue artificial intelligence, ridicules your attempt to solve the terrible mystery surrounding the starship Von Braun. This is what your training prepared you for. System Shock(tm), 2 was a game that revolutionized the FPS and RPG genres. The game inspired many of the most important titles of this generation, including Bioshock(r) and Deus Ex(r). System Shock(tm), 2, combines a haunting story, original gameplay, and a frightening atmosphere.


  • OS:Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Processor:1.8 GHz Processor
  • Memory:2 GB RAM
  • Graphics:3D graphics card
  • DirectX®:9.0c
  • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
  • Additional: Game Patched to version 2.48


  1. Click the Download button to be redirected directly to UploadHaven.
  2. Wait for 5 seconds, then click the blue “download now” button. Let the download begin, and then wait for it to complete.
  3. After System Shock 2 has finished downloading, right-click file, and click “Extract To System Shock”. (To do so, you will need WinRAR. You can download it.
  4. Double-click in the System Shock 2 folder to run the exe program.
  5. Enjoy the game and have fun! Run the game as an administrator. If you encounter missing dll errors or a crashing screen, make sure to install DirectX.




System Shock 2 Free Download For PC
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