Pantropy Download for Android & IOS
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Pantropy Download for Android & IOS

Pantropy Download for Android & IOS

Pantropy Download for Android & IOS


Pantropy is a science fiction-based multiplayer game that allows players to create their own stories. To thrive in this dangerous and lush world, you’ll need to work together. There are many factions that will welcome you to their ranks. Do you plan to mine resources and build a mech? Perhaps you prefer to build a mining station and hunt down enemies factions or do all of the above.


  1. Click the Download button to be taken to ShareTheURLs.
  2. To begin the download, select the desired download link from the menu.
  3. After Pantropy has finished downloading, right-click or.rar/.iso file and click on “Extract from Pantropy”. (To do this you will need the free program called WinRAR, which you can get here.)
  4. Double-click on Pantropy and launch the exe application.
  5. Enjoy the game and have fun! As it prevents errors and crashes, make sure you run the game as an administrator.




Pantropy Download for Android & IOS
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