THE GUILD 3 APK Full Version Free Download (Aug 2021)
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THE GUILD 3 iOS Latest Version Free Download

THE GUILD 3 APK Full Version Free Download (Aug 2021)

THE GUILD 3 iOS Latest Version Free Download

The Guild 3 Install-Game

We are in the middle of Europe in the year 1400. Once ruled by nobles and clergy, the dark middle ages are over, and the new age of free cities of trade and the free mind begins. The Guild 3 allows you to create a.

Family dynastyThese skills can last for many centuries. The world around you and your family is changing, and you are responsible for making the decisions. All non-player characters make their own decisions.

You must prove your abilities in trading and handicrafts and at social events and finally in politics and malicious intrigues. The Guild 3 combines strategy, economic simulation, and role-playing games in real-time 3D with atmospheric voice recording. Medieval soundtrack.Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth II

The Guild 3 Free Download:

The game is currently in Early Access and, therefore, in development. It will be regularly updated, so if you are looking for information regarding the current state, please check out the game’s community hub and latest patch notes.

  1. Historical medieval cities and their surroundings are located in central and northern Europe. Every city fully supports all 4 seasons and a day/night cycle.
  2. The challenges of forming, maintaining, and developing a family that becomes stronger with every generation or, if done badly, vanish.
  3. A fight for power that requires you to excel in economics, politics, and diplomacy.
  4. A multiplayer mode that will challenge your friendships and tests your backstabbing abilities.
  5. A new player in the power game – Guilds! Join one of the famous guilds, support your fellows, get supported, get access to your guild’s special powers, and try to mold your city and whole scenario map according to your guild’s philosophy!





THE GUILD 3 iOS Latest Version Free Download
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