Destiny 2 Glitch Gives Hawkmoon Infinite Magic Bullet

Every newDestiny 2Seasons are often plagued by bugs and glitches that Bungie must fix before the game can go ahead as usual. Some bugs/glitches are beneficial to the player while others can be detrimental. Only a handful of these glitches are dangerous. Destiny 2 players into unstoppable machines.

Under the right conditions, the latest Destiny 2 glitch gives the Hawkmoon’s exotic hand cannon an infinite one-hit kill power. This glitch is fun for PvE but not likely to be of any benefit to players. However, in PvP it can cause serious damage.

Two items are required to fix this Destiny 2 glitch. The Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon is required, as well as a pair or boots with the hand cannon mod. It’s then a matter of accumulating maximum Paracausal Shots within the Hawkmoon.

Lucky Pants and Hawkmoon Exploit

After players have taken 7 headshots to max their Paracausal Shot buffs, the Hawkmoon’s final bullet should be a one hit kill. Those that have the Hawkmoon catalyst will need to exhaust one bullet to get their final bullet ready.

The Hawkmoon’s high-risk reward allows for one-hit kills, but players must work again to get the x7 buff back. This glitch allows them the ability to keep their “lucky” bullet as long as possible.


The Paracausal Shot is fired once the shot has been hit. The Hawkmoon’s magazine will hold the bullet. If the hand gun holster mod has been installed, the bullet should be returned to the Hawkmoon’s. Only then will the Paracausal Shot be buffed again. Lucky Pants exotic boots include an intrinsic hand-cannon holster mode, so hunters seem to be preferred for this glitch.

Players will be able to kill as many people as they want as long as they can continue the process of firing the Hawkmoon’s high-damage bullet, pulling out their ghost and then firing again. While this is not an easy task in a PvP fight, it will allow players to cause serious damage in Crucible. It doesn’t help that Iron Banner is active either, which usually increases the PvP population for a week.


The new holster modifications were introduced to Destiny2 during the Season of the Lost. Players are still learning how to use them. This could be one of many glitches using the mod type, or it could be the worst.

Bungie is likely to address the Destiny2 exploit within the next few days. The real test will be whether or not Bungie can fix the problem quickly enough. In the meantime, it wouldn’t be surprising if Bungie disabled one of the involved mechanics – either Hawkmoon or the hand cannon holster mod.

Destiny 2 Glitch Gives Hawkmoon Infinite Magic Bullet
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