Death loop (PS5) REVIEW - A Quick Reload
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Death loop (PS5) REVIEW – A Quick Reload

Deathloop (PS5) REVIEW - A Quick Reload

Death loop (PS5) REVIEW – A Quick Reload

Arkane Studios’ Dishonored games caught many’s attention. They offer first-person action and stealth fighting and provide a more complex experience than just another murder spree set in a dystopian future. Many players were immediately intrigued by their latest project, death loop. This new project combines the studio’s unique approach with fun time travel and 1960s flair. This game is a must-see.

Colt is stuck on Blackreef island, his personal hell. The day keeps repeating, and a bunch of extremist maniacs wants him dead. They know that their former Head Of Security is trying to end the time loop. The place is large and dangerous. The Visionaries won’t make it easy for Colt. Julianna, an assassin who has some amazing abilities, is coming after Colt. She wants to kill Colt over and over. The island has a rich history and secrets that the player must uncover if they want to win. But “time” is your friend.

Although I was concerned that Deathloop would be less action-packed, it is more about stealth, research, setting up traps Hitman-style, and watching the plot points from Groundhog Day unfold. This is not the case. This is Arkane’s signature gameplay, which was the focus of all the press materials. With Dishonored’s DNA all over the game, Deathloop could easily be set in the same universe. Although stealth is essential, it is not necessary. The player has unlimited lives to explore a scenario and come up with a plan. After a certain point, the game stops giving you any more information. It is all about discovering the best way to get the most from the game.

Death loop is a fun game that involves trial and error. However, one mistake (or three thanks to Reprise) can leave you on the beach with a hangover and a lot of shame. It can be worth it, though, because you get to explore, play with new toys and discover different ways of solving the problem. I enjoyed the various waves of chaos that my plans and errors caused, using the environment strategically and the distractions and turrets scattered throughout the zones. It looks like the Death loop was difficult to plan and get all the gears working correctly. Speedrunners will be able to crack the game.

Death loop (PS5) REVIEW – A Quick Reload
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