Peter Parker Must Be Killed by 'Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
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Peter Parker Must Be Killed by ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Peter Parker Must Be Killed by 'Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Peter Parker Must Be Killed by ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Peter Parker is one of my favorite fictional characters. Although I love his spidery avatar, it’s the man behind the mask that I have always looked up to. Peter is a deeply kind and decent person who does the right thing even when it’s hard.

Insomniac Games recognizes that Peter, the struggling man, is as important as Spidey, the wise-cracking hero. This is why Marvel’s Spider-Man is the best version of the character outside of the comics. I cannot wait to see more.

This is also why Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 should kill Peter Parker.

After proving that I love Peter deeply, I hope you don’t think I’m a savage son of a bitch who wants Spidey to die for laughs and kicks. It’s far from the truth. It’s just that I feel future Insomniac Spidey Games would be much more entertaining if Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 marked Peter’s final stand.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has just been announced. But beyond knowing that Venom and Kraven the Hunter will appear in the game, what else? No idea. No idea.

Peter will face whatever challenge he may face, and that’s even after Miles Morales has added two undoubtedly capable hands. It’s not something Peter should give up on.

To be clear, I don’t think Peter should lose the battle and allow the city to fall to an army supervillain. This is not a good way to end Spider-Man games. But I think Peter’s life should be lost for the victory of the good guys. Although it will be painful, I believe it will serve the greater Insomniac Spidey story in the long term.

Brian Michael Bendis’ “Death Of Spider-Man” is one of my favorite Spider-Man stories. This was the end of Peter Parker’s Ultimate universe version. A younger Peter Parker took over the role after a decade of adventures that reinterpreted classic Spidey characters and adventures unexpectedly. This story would lead to Miles Morales being created. He is now a key part of the “core” Marvel Universe and can be found alongside Peter in Insomniac games.

In “Death Of Spider-Man,” Peter fights against his most dangerous foes in a desperate struggle to save his family and friends. He does win, but Spidey always finds the way… but he suffers such severe injuries that he cannot breathe. He tells Aunt May, as he dries up, that he is just glad he could save her. It is a moving story that is well worth reading.

Insomniac Peter cannot go out to save Aunt May because… you know why. However, this doesn’t mean that our hero can’t go down protecting a large number of characters, including Mary Jane and Miles.

My mind is clear that professional guilt-machine Peter Parker, who was also grieving the loss of his uncle Ben, will continue to blame himself for the death of Aunt May. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will most likely seek to surpass the emotional gut-punch of the first game’s finale. It would be a huge shock to see Peter risk his life to save the city. It would be a great emotional shock if Harry Osborn, a childhood friend, delivered the fatal blow. This assumes that he is the Venom symbiote.

Peter Parker Must Be Killed by ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
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