Rogue Legacy Download for Android & IOS
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Rogue Legacy Download for Android & IOS

Rogue Legacy Download for Android & IOS

Rogue Legacy Download for Android & IOS

Rogue Legacy Mobile Game, 2021 Overview:

Everybody says his son did it. It’s not so. Princess is the only person who knows the truth about the mysterious murder.

Princess will force you to find the killer in this horrible situation. This game will see you as a brave knight. Classic weapons such as the sword can be used to fight. A killer is an unidentified person who has escaped the castle. To find the killer, you must embark on a series of great adventures. Many dangerous creatures are waiting for you. You should also be aware of the dangers in these places. Be aware of the dangers when you visit any of these places.

If you do not, you will also be killed. The players will not take over the knights. This game features some knight characters. They will only allow you to play as one of these knight characters for two to three levels. Your enemies will kill you have completed your missions. The enemies will kill him. Rogue Legacy has many 2D environments. The environments are in pixel graphics, but they are stunning. They can be called artworks because they are so meticulously designed.

Rogue Legacy is one of the most iconic indie games in history. It’s a 2D game that has received 85/100 meta. The international festivals have awarded this title fourteen awards. These great scores make Rogue Legacy a masterpiece.

Rogue Legacy Features:

  • Knights will take you to dangerous places
  • Find the killer of a king
  • To fight, use weapons such as a sword
  • Rogue-like gameplay for fans of this genre




Rogue Legacy Download for Android & IOS
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