Fernbus Simulator Free Download For PC

Fernbus Simulator Free Download For PC

Fernbus Simulator Free Download For PC

Fernbus Simulator Free Download For PC

Fernbus Simulator can be downloaded here for free! Here is information about Fernbus Simulator. Also, how to download it for free. You can either download the torrent file or the direct link from different filehosters. You will find the link to the download at the bottom.

Fernbus Simulator (PC), information about this game

The Fernbus Coach Simulator was the first to simulate the popular inter-city buses. The collaboration with FlixBus allows the Fernbus Coach Simulator to show the day-to-day life of a coach driver in detail on the German Autobahn and highways.

You can experience the day-to-day life of a coach driver with a modern MAN Lion’s Coach Bus. You will navigate through the complex Autobahn and road network to reach bus stations in more than 40 cities. Stay in constant contact with the headquarters.

Take care when you travel on partly-full German highways. You can also be cautious with other traffic and keep your bus safe at all times of the year.
Simulated were approximately 20.000 km of FlixBus’ German route network and 40 cities. The individual tours are short and easy to follow because time passes at a 1:10 scale.

As in real life, passengers who have a valid ticket at the bus station can board immediately. Other passengers will need to purchase a ticket.

Each MAN bus is equipped with an original cockpit that includes all functions. Modeling has been done to every detail on the exterior and interior of the bus. The bus’s interior and exterior are faithful to the original announcements. Bus drivers will face challenges in keeping up with the schedule due to traffic jams, accidents and construction sites. Bus drivers and instructors tested the busses and made adjustments to make them more efficient.

  • In collaboration with Flixbus
  • Original MAN Lion’s coach and Lion’s coach C
  • 2000km of track corresponds to a real route of 20,000 kms
  • Bus cockpit with many functions
  • Complex Autobahn and road network covering 5000m2
  • Four seasons of dynamic weather
  • More than 40 German cities include:

Fernbus Simulator Free Download For PC


Fernbus Simulator Free Download For PC
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