Daddy Download for Android & IOS
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Daddy Download for Android & IOS

Daddy Download for Android & IOS

Daddy Download for Android & IOS

Daddy Game Mobile 2021 Overview:

You must do everything you can to save your father without being caught. You will find your father’s kidnapper everywhere.

Small horror survival from the first-person perspective. We must save our father and escape the clutches of the evil kidnapper.

We play for the man with diabetes whose father had been kidnapped. We had to search the house and find the father. Then we had to release him from his cage and take him outside. You have to be able to use the things you find. You will need keys to unlock colored locks or a crowbar for breaking pinned boards. A gun is also needed to stop the thief. Only one item can be worn at a given time.

Features of Dad:

  • We will need to eat snacks because the guy has diabetes. We choose food from the tables and eat it all. The poor fellow’s eyes will darken if he does not.
  • Although the kidnapper may not be very clever, he can capture you if they see. You can hide in barrels, chests, or cabinets to avoid this. However, even if you are caught, he will not take the object. He will simply take you to the room where the game started. The house is small. It will be easy to find the right spot.
  • It is very short and simple, so it can be completed quickly. Some bugs are not critical, such as textures and animation. Sometimes the main character will stop eating. We get four easy achievements for the passage.


Daddy Download for Android & IOS



Daddy Download for Android & IOS
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