Exanima Full Version Mobile Game
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Exanima Full Version Mobile Game

Exanima Full Version Mobile Game

Exanima Full Version Mobile Game

Exanima Mobile Game 2021 Overview:

Exanima’s extraordinary attention to detail, and realistic simulations of all things, aim to create a highly immersive and dynamic gaming experience.

The features include a skill-based combat system, intelligent AI, fully interactive environments, and advanced damage models with actual collisions and locational defense. Roguelike elements are also included. You can also use an arena mode to sharpen your combat skills.
“Those who enter the underworld will not only lose their lives but also bring oblivion upon all people.

Our goal is to create a rich RPG world that supports a high level of emergent and dynamic gameplay. We developed all of the technology, including the game engine, from scratch to realize this vision.

Exanima was created as a prelude for Sui Generis, our ambitious open-world RPG. It has been in development since 2012 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Exanima, a dungeon-crawler smaller and more complete than the other games in its genre, takes place in SG’s Underworld twenty years before its events. As both games are being created in concert, Exanima will feature many more ambitious features from SG. Exanima offers a relatively complete and meaningful gaming experience. But, there are many more features in the pipeline!

Exanima Features:

  • Global character skill advancement per session
  • Large, non-linear main games after early content
  • You will find new items, encounters, and environments.
  • Many moddable powers of thaumaturgic power


Exanima Full Version Mobile Game




Exanima Full Version Mobile Game
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