Call of Duty RICOCHET AntiCheat Available Worldwide

Call of Duty RICOCHET AntiCheat Available Worldwide

Call of Duty RICOCHET AntiCheat Available Worldwide

Call of Duty RICOCHET AntiCheat Available Worldwide

For several months, Warzone has been plagued by cheaters. This makes it difficult for players to get into matches on an even playing field. Season 1 was launched for Warzone Pacific. RICOCHET has seen back-end improvements that have had a positive effect as players wait for the release of the kernel-level driver, which should eradicate most cheaters from the streets of Caldera.

The kernel-level driver was launched in the Asia Pacific region during the launch of the new season. It now appears that the December 15 update has made the driver available to all players around the globe, much to the delight and delight of the community.

Warzone RICOCHET AntiCheat Worldwide Release

Team RICOCHET published a blog posting on December 15 announcing the availability of the kernel-level driver for Warzone players. The blog states that the driver is part of a “multi-faceted Anti-Cheat” and the regular ban waves, which deal more damage to cheaters.

How to Download the RICOCHET Kernel Level Driver

The December 15 update to Warzone included the kernel-level driver. This means that PC players won’t have to search for separate downloads. RICOCHET is required to play battle royale on a PC. This means that cheaters can’t bypass the system to gain an edge.

Is The RICOCHET AntiCheat Effective?

It’s unclear how effective the anti-cheat is, considering it has been in operation for only a few hours. We have noticed that hackers are less active than before, which is a significant improvement over the last seasons of Verdansk.

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Call of Duty RICOCHET AntiCheat Available Worldwide
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