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World of Warships: Legends patch notes launch Theseus’ Bane Campaign

World of Warships: Legends patch notes launch Theseus' Bane Campaign

World of Warships: Legends patch notes launch Theseus’ Bane Campaign

World of Warships: Legends presents a holiday update that includes more gifts than you can imagine in the true Christmas spirit. Here is a quick overview of update 3.10, Chilling With the Beasts patch notes, and everything you can unwrap using the WoWS Holiday update.

A post on the World of Warships: Legends Blog states that the most recent update to the game will be available for 6 weeks. It brings with it a boatload of rewards and challenges, as well as freebies. You can rent ships to try them out without having to commit; there are new missions and rewards from Theseus’ Bane, as well as a Winter Gift Flurry. Let’s dive into the details.

World of Warships: Chilling with the Beasts patch note

Theseus’ Bane Campaign

Six weeks of missions are required to complete the most ambitious Campaign to reach World of Warships. There are 130 levels of progression in total. Admiralty backing allows you to progress to the Minotaur Legendary Tier Cruiser. You will also get a lot of Global and Commander XP and Credits, as well as the new Secret Santa or Super Santa containers.


You can also complete the Theseus’ Bane campaign at any point in the six-week period that ends January 31st.


You can rent a Legendary ship during the holiday season without having to abandon your research. Renting a Legendary Warship will cost you 2 million credits, but it is well worth it.

Winter Gift Flurry

The season of giving is upon us, and the Winter Gift Flurry in World of Warships: Legends makes it easy to give virtual gifts. Sign up at the Christmas Flurry website to start giving and receiving Christmas gifts across the world. You can earn more rewards by giving and decorating the Holiday tree.

New containers, skins, and a brand new port

Two new, sassy Commander guises are available for Christmas: the charming Miss Santa (American Commanders and British Commanders) or the charming Snow Maiden (Soviet Commanders and European Commanders). But that’s not all. A brand new port has also been added to help you get in the holiday spirit. As you sail the Thames, you will be surrounded by festive decorations as you depart from London Harbor.

Theseus’ Bane also mentions two new containers for holidays: the Secret Santa and Super Santa. These new crates will reward you with gifts such as premium ships, doubloons and even a super prize. You will be able to collect containers and have the opportunity to redeem Secret Santa crates every day in the in-game store’s daily rewards. You can see the complete list of rewards on the WoWS website.

World of Warships redemption code to receive free Holiday camos

Use code PZ81NKE01C to redeem holiday-themed free camos at the World of Warships redemption website.

The amazing Chilling with the Beasts holiday update for World of Warships does not end there. There’s much more. To find out more, check out the full patch notes.

World of Warships: Legends patch notes launch Theseus’ Bane Campaign
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