Rogue Company Patch Notes- A glimpse added to the game

Rogue Company Patch Notes- A glimpse added to the game

Rogue Company Patch Notes- A glimpse added to the game

Rogue Company Patch Notes- A glimpse added to the game

The 2022 Rogue Company patch notes have arrived. Hi-Rez Studios launched their latest content update. The central aspect features Glimpse, the new Rogue Company character. The 2022 Hi-Rez Showcase RoCo panel was the first time she was revealed. The new Rogue Company patch notes cover Rogue Company’s system update and balance changes. Here are the main parts of the Rogue Company Glimpse Update.

Rogue Company new character – Glimpse

Glimpse is the main selling point for the New Rogue Company patch note. Rogue Company’s new character, a stealth-based Recon character with stealth features, is designed to infiltrate using those stealth features and create opportunities.

Camouflage is the core of the character’s design. It makes the character virtually invisible. The camouflage ability is activated by pressing her ability. This makes it harder for her to see while her supply lasts. She has three types of camouflage. She is nearly invisible when she stands still. It will be easier to see if she moves slightly. She will glow white when running and still be visible, giving away her speed. As revealed at the RoCo showcase, Glimpse emits other visual queues, such as dust from her feet when she jumps.

Her kit also includes the Nightshade AR and Knight SMG. Her secondary consists of the P12K pistol (a Kukri melee weapon) and a new pop smoke gadget. Glimpse has a new grenade called pop-smoke. This version of the smoke grande will explode in smoke when it touches a surface. It is different from other smoke grenades that emit smoke after the grenade settles. This allows users to make smoke walk in an entirely new way.

She is slightly passive, which allows her to detect enemies around her periodically.


  • Nimble Hands
  • Hunter
  • Padded Steps
  • Stalker
  • Life is a drain
  • Tracker Rounds

Rogue Company Patch Notes

The developers unveiled Project Saint as part of their Rogue Company Patch notes. This is a content update roadmap for the year. Instead of focusing on new content such as Rogues, maps, and cosmetics, they will vastly revise some old features.

The HUD will see significant improvements. The HUD will allow players to identify the weapon’s role and the fire type. This will enable players to save time not to experiment with weapons and find the right gun for them. DMRs have a new crosshair, and more weapons will soon get them. Think Halo.

These Rogue company patch notes provide details about the reworked armor system. Hitmakers will accurately display the target’s armor status. Hitmakers will display the armor status of your opponent if it is appropriately armored. If the armor is broken, you can let a new one or a partial symbol.

Balance changes

Rogue Company patch notes have made a few balance changes to the game. Fans of Sigrid’s shield bash damage will be pleased to know that it is now worth 50. This makes her two-shot slap a thing. To help players turtle up and progress, she has a faster movement speed when in the crouch position.

Vy is enjoying a significant change thanks to her new Leeching Rounds perk. This perk gives her temporary health while dealing with damage using her weaponry. This perk is fitting for Vy’s toxic lifestyle drain.

You can also make many maps and weapon changes. Canals were made easier to climb, and Hi-Rez removed two containers. The boathouse roof can also be mounted—many other climbable spots, including Vice, Favelas, and Wanted.

Head here to view the complete Rogue Company patch notes and Rogue Company’s new character.

Rogue Company Patch Notes- A glimpse added to the game
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