Warzone Hackers Spotted Flying Cars in Caldera

Warzone Hackers Spotted Flying Cars in Caldera

Warzone Hackers Spotted Flying Cars in Caldera

Warzone Hackers Spotted Flying Cars in Caldera

Activision Blizzard has done everything possible to ensure that Warzone does not transition to Caldera.

While Ricochet anti-cheat has stopped many hackers from logging in, others can still get in.

Hackers who manage to get into matches have had their weapon damage disabled to give legitimate players fighting chances. However, this hasn’t stopped any bizarre cheats from getting into Caldera.

Warzone Pacific Flying Car Hack

This isn’t the first time Warzone players have seen flying cars overhead. This hack was first discovered in Verdansk when cheat providers offered to make it possible. Their surprise discovery in Caldera by pro Warzone streamer Intechs at a match caught the entire team by surprise.

They tried to escape the flying car by hiding under a tree, but the hackers on board unleashed a torrent of gunfire that ended their match. “These hackers have the time of their lives,” said Swisher, a Warzone streamer who is also an Intech’s squadmate.

Is the Warzone Flying Car Hack Fixed?

Activision, Raven Software and Raven Software both take cheating very seriously. This means that Ricochet is likely to address the newly discovered hacks quickly. As the community waits for their cars to return to the ground, it may be worth looking up in your next matches.

You can learn more about Warzone by reading the Attack on Titan crossover.

Warzone Hackers Spotted Flying Cars in Caldera
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