Endwalker: FFXIV composer Reflects on "Culmination Of A Musical Journey"

Endwalker: FFXIV composer Reflects on “Culmination Of A Musical Journey”

Endwalker: FFXIV composer Reflects on "Culmination Of A Musical Journey"

Endwalker: FFXIV composer Reflects on “Culmination Of A Musical Journey.”

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker was more than the ending of the story of Hydaelyn, Zodiark’s relationship. It was also the end of an aural adventure. Masayoshi Soken, FFXIV sound director, has guided the MMO’s soundscape over the past 11 years. He also played the lead composer role during the creation of A Reborn. He has produced some of the most memorable Final Fantasy tracks over the years. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t cry when they hear “Dragonsong” or feel their heart pump when “Heroes” really takes off during the King Thordan fight.

Preorders of the official soundtrack to Endwalker are being fulfilled this week. The Blu-Ray disc contains 62 tracks. Liner notes include official lyrics and translations. Soken’s thoughts were also included. These were sent to Reddit. Thanks!) Soken looks back at all his FFXIV work since its original release in 2010.

This is the end of a considerable tale and the culmination of a musical journey that has spanned back from 1.0. It also includes A Realm Reborn and Heavensward.

 Stormblood and Shadowbringers. He writes that I tried to incorporate as many of those titles into the soundtrack for Endwalker. I hope this inspires Warriors of Light to think about the journeys they’ve taken and those yet to come.

He admits that the 11 years spent on FFXIV are almost half his 24-year-long career. This means that he has given so much effort to one game. Soken also wrote his thoughts about ending the narrative saga, summarizing everything players had seen up to Endwalker. This is a continuous effort, considering that the game will continue for at least another 10 years. These notes were written by Soken during the troubled launch.

He says, “It’s one day after the launch of Endwalker, and I’ve been working all night with team o programmers to sort out and resolve several sound issues.” The sound team had to deal with new challenges due to the increase in Warriors of light who have gathered on the shores of Eorzea. We also had to test the updates across multiple environments. It was a challenging experience for me as a developer, but it has been an invaluable learning opportunity. This all begs the question: Why is today the deadline to submit these liner notes? !”

Soken was not only responsible for the creation of Endwalker. Shortly after the announcement of Endwalker’s new expansion, Yoshida revealed that Soken had been diagnosed with cancer. It was difficult for Soken, especially when you consider the ongoing pandemic. But he was able to resume FFXIV development. Last we heard, his cancer was close to complete remission.

Soken seems to be in good spirits. He is optimistic about the future of FFXIV and hopes his work will inspire others to take up a musical composition. He states at the end that he hopes his talk about sound production has sparked your interest, and you can contact Square Enix’s Sound Division to discuss how we can work together. Let’s get through the gates of hell! Haha! )”

Endwalker: FFXIV composer Reflects on “Culmination Of A Musical Journey”
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