Elden Ring: How To Get The Erdsteel Dagger

Elden Ring: How To Get The Erdsteel Dagger

Elden Ring: How To Get The Erdsteel Dagger

Elden Ring: How To Get The Erdsteel Dagger

The Erdsteel Dagger, an excellent early-game dagger in Elden Ring, is for those with solid and speedy builds. However, it can be challenging to obtain. This is how you can grab the Erdsteel Dagger.

To obtain the dagger, you will need to quest to find an out-of-luck lord. Kenneth Haight wants to retake his Fort from a group of miscreants and asks for your help.

If you follow the road, Kenneth can be seen shouting from the top of the ruin that arches over the path west of the Church of Third Marika. You can also head east from the Gate front Ruins and turn left at the fork. He will start shooting within seconds. If you don’t wish to speak to him, you don’t have to. Wait until you’ve cleared the Fort.

Fort Haight can be found south of the Church of Third Marika. It would help if you also looked out for the East Limgrave map fragment. You’ll find it near a giant bear so you should grab it and continue your journey.

Fort Haight is defended by an army from the inside and outside. Once you are within range of the arrow, a large arrow will be fired. It is best to sprint past the first barricades to jump into the weeds on the left with Torrent. You will soon forget your enemies, and you will begin to feel the area. You can walk around the back of Fort and see the enemies waiting near the stairs. There are several armored guards, as well as a pumpkin head.

You could decide to take on these enemies, but it may be more beneficial to sneak past them and continue inside.

There will be several enemies inside, some rats and firebomb throwers. A knight is at the top. You can run straight in and aim for the doorway at the wall opposite the entrance. Although you will encounter a few rats or guards, it is better to have fire thrown at your face. After dealing with the initial enemies, you can start to take out the firebomb-wielding enemies.

As the knight is a tough enough opponent on his own, it’s best to get rid of as many people as possible before attacking him. You can kite the knight to the bottom of your Fort. Once he is done, you can move him to the top to engage in long-range combat. He tends to get lost around the barricades. You can do this as you want to defeat him. He will eventually learn how to walk around.

If you are a melee-type, you will need to carefully choose your opening to avoid the bleed damage he does when he switches to a two-handed style. If you can do it, parrying is a good option. Otherwise, you will need to wait for him and hit a swing.

After you have taken out the knight and looted the Fort, it’s time to head back to Kenneth, where you will be presented with the Erdsteel Dagger. This dagger is solid and elegant and has the skill Quick-Step. It’s an excellent choice for those who love close combat and quick maneuvers.

Elden Ring: How To Get The Erdsteel Dagger
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