'GTA 5' Fans Slam "Pathetic" New-Gen Remaster, Rockstar Promises Fixes

‘GTA 5’ Fans Slam “Pathetic” New-Gen Remaster, Rockstar Promises Fixes

'GTA 5' Fans Slam "Pathetic" New-Gen Remaster, Rockstar Promises Fixes

‘GTA 5’ Fans Slam “Pathetic” New-Gen Remaster, Rockstar Promises Fixes

Happy new-gen release date, I think. It’s not clear that this release was one that people were really looking forward to. Fans have been sceptical about the necessity of porting an eight-year-old title, as well as whether it would be as ‘expanded’ and enhanced as the description at last year’s PS5 showcase.

Unsurprisingly, so far, the answer seems to be a clear no. Despite a lengthy delay in the release of the game, which was originally scheduled for November last year, and promising substantial improvements such as ray-tracing advanced haptic feedback on HTML5, players are not too happy with it so far.

Its appearance is the most obvious problem. The most obvious issue is how it actually looks. Dexerto has spotted some disappointments online. For example, the mirrors on vehicles don’t do anything. You’ll get a dull grey, empty void of nothingness. And you’re sure to love it.

However, veteran players initially felt a problem with transferring their online profiles. Dexerto also reported that gamers were shocked to learn that they couldn’t transfer their online profiles from Xbox One or PS4 to PC if they had already done so.

Reddit user u/SenseMakesNone highlighted this problem and shared the response from Rockstar support to their question. They also stated that they would be “refunding asap”. Others in the thread were also disappointed and called it “straight-up pathetic”. Rockstar made an official Twitter statement after the news spread. It seemed to suggest that this was an accidental issue and not an actual decision. They have since added that the problem is now solved.

According to its sound, you can now transfer your profile from PC as long it was on Xbox One and PS4 before, but not if it is made by PC? I am confused by this. I know I am not the only one. This was published just hours ago, but we are still on release day. So there is a good chance we will get some clarification soon.

The pricing is much cheaper than anyone expected. For the first three months, the single-player story mode will be PS8.75 for PS5 and PS17.49 for Xbox. It’s not bad at all! It’s not too bad! If you would like to own the latest-gen edition, make sure to grab it before it goes on sale.

‘GTA 5’ Fans Slam “Pathetic” New-Gen Remaster, Rockstar Promises Fixes
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