Unfortunate Controller Design Provides Sonic Genitals

Unfortunate Controller Design Provides Sonic Genitals

Unfortunate Controller Design Provides Sonic Genitals

Unfortunate Controller Design Provides Sonic Genitals

I believe that the controller of a gamer says a lot. There are the hardcore gamers with their custom skins and those who continue to use the ugliest design you’ve ever seen simply because it was cheap. That controller is.

There are so many choices on the market that it is amazing to be able to love any franchise or character. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to believe that anyone could have looked at a controller and decided this was peak design.

Dear reader, take a look at this Nintendo Switch PRO Controller. It features everyone’s favourite speedy blue hedgehog. It doesn’t look particularly bad at first, except for the prominent location of the Sonic logo. This is a shame as it doesn’t really need to be there. However, the problem is much more serious, and Creative Block gamers quickly pointed it out.

“Hori, you are my love, but we need a conversation about where you place that right stick relative to Sonic’s private area,” tweeted @WorldWideWorf. “Hey, Sonic! “Hey, Sonic!

This controller’s users will be forced to stick their thumb on a stick that is too close to Sonic’s crotch. It’s not going to look good when in motion. This controller is not going to require too many upward inputs from anyone who purchases it. Let’s not forget about the fact that the B button is on his butt. It seemed the best one to place there.

If we are being technical, the right stick is actually sat on the knee of the man. However, you cannot deny that the way the blue blends in doesn’t make this obvious. Regardless, I won’t be using this one. However, it is perfect for all huge Sonic fans.

Unfortunate Controller Design Provides Sonic Genitals
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