4 Reasons You Should Consider Making A Career In Game Design

The gaming industry is rapidly growing and calls for a both creatively fulfilling and lucrative career. In addition to the added charisma associated with a career in gaming, game developers and designers make a lot financially and good game technicians are extremely sought after. Individuals can get into the gaming industry by either attaining a degree in Game Design or relevant disciplines or by appearing for diplomas in the same. If you feel limited in terms of physically joining a game school, there are multiple game design schools online where you can pursue your degree or diploma. Given below are four reasons why you should consider making a career in game design:

  1. Gaming is one of the biggest industries in the world

    The gaming industry is predicted to have an annual worth of more than US$100 billion by the end of this year. The immense growth witnessed in the gaming industry has created multiple opportunities for game designers, artists, animation experts, writers, and engineers alike. The fact that academia, entertainment, and recruitment have all merged with the gaming industry in terms of game-based learning, celebrity games, and recruitment through games also signifies the immense growth of the gaming industry.

  2. Gaming is perfect if you have a creative flair

    The gaming industry is a big employer of people who have an artistic flair and is perfect for creative individuals to use as their playground. You don’t have to be a developer to work in the gaming industry – rather, you can be a screenplay writer, storyteller, game designer, sounds engineer, 3D animator, and whatnot. The theme, layout, and overall aesthetic of a game are also important considerations in addition to its technicalities, and hence creative individuals from multiple fields can consider joining the gaming industry.

  3. Gaming industry has high-paying jobs

    The gaming industry is extremely competitive and hence jobs in the gaming industry are extremely well-paid too. The gaming industry is great in terms of salaries, perks, and job prospects with the starting salaries for game artists being around US$ 35,000 annually for simple entry-level positions. Once individuals make their name in the gaming industry and gain some experience, they can demand much more in terms of their expertise and seniority. Game developers and animators in senior positions can expect to make as much as US$90,000 annually.

  4. Gaming is a rewarding career

    The gaming industry is also lucrative in terms of the potential of most games to become viral overnight. Once a game gains popularity, the entire myriad of individuals behind it gets the credit they deserve and are recognized globally for their hard work. The fact that gaming has evolved from being merely a leisurely activity to being included in multiple industries globally is what has caused the job of game designers to be taken seriously and has hence made this a career widely acknowledged and rewarded. For creative individuals, their creative freedom is what matters the most at the end of the day, and the gaming industry offers just that. This is what makes a career in gaming so rewarding and attractive for most.


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