In 2022, a new secret of monkey island game is released
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In 2022, a new secret of monkey island game is released

In 2022, a new secret of monkey island game is released

In 2022, a new secret monkey island game is released.


You can shiver your timbers until you believe it, but there is a new Monkey Island game in development. It will be released in 2022. This year. This year, Monkey Island has a new game. If I hadn’t already, I would say that I need to sit down.

The new game, Return to Monkey Island, has been in development for two years. It was directed by Ron Gilbert, who also helmed The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island: LeChuck’s Revenge classics. It’s a co-production between Gilbert’s studio Terrible Toybox Thimbleweed Park, Devolver Digital Hotline Miami and Death’s Door, and Lucasfilm Games (many Star Wars games, many adventure games). It’s out this year; did I mention it?

I honestly feel like I’m going to vomit from excitement. That music, uuuuh. The Secret of Monkey Island, and its (first) sequel, are two of my favourite games. Amusing, sharply written and perfectly perplexing point and click puzzlers from the early 1990s that haven’t aged a single day. The best pirate shenanigans. They are my favourite -, and I wrote about them here for what it is worth.

These games are not only my favourite. Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog’s art director, tweeted Rex Crowle ( Knights & Bike ) to say, “I did not…this might be the most excited for any videogame…maybe ever?” Another outpouring of love is under Gilbert’s confirmation tweet. He replied to fans to confirm every detail about the new game. Director says Murray (the skull) will be in the game and is “big-time”. As they were in LeChuck’s Revenge, Clint Bajakian, Peter McConnel, and Michael Land are also involved.

The trailer also confirms that Dominic Armato will be reprising his role as Return to Monkey Island. The story is a continuation of LeChuck’s Revenge and ignores the events in the Monkey Island games. It also serves as a direct sequel to the sequel. It’s a classic, and there are no spoilers. You can find more information about this game, including when and where it will arrive, on the official website. It is unclear how many discs this one will come on …?.

OK, I’m going to throw it up. NEW. MONKEY. ISLAND. THIS YEAR. It was a great time to be alive and fight again like a cow.

In 2022, a new secret of monkey island game is released
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