The Boys Season 3 can Still Save Homelander. Here's how

The Boys Season 3 can Still Save Homelander. Here’s how

The Boys Season 3 can Still Save Homelander. Here's how

The Boys Season 3 can Still Save Homelander. Here’s how

The amazing characters and fake blood of Amazon’s The Boys have both amazed and scared audiences throughout its two-season run. We’ve seen sex scenes with superheroes, pulped humans, and even the insides of a whale. Even the boy from The Sixth Sense gets his head sucked in by Eomer of The Lord of The Rings. It’s high time that we see something more bizarre: Homelander becoming a good guy.

This may sound a little too far-fetched, but I trust you will understand. Antony Starr’s Homelander started life as an egomaniacal dictator, but we see some of Vought’s conscience when he discovers that his son is hidden from him. Season three could see this desire to parent, despite its slimmer nature. It could be the perfect plot device for Homelander to become a true hero.

We first saw Homelander in episode one of season 1. It was a generic Superman-type character. He was strong and looked after the little guy. He also took selfies and seemed to be an American symbol. He then eye-lased a plane and murdered some innocent people. Talk about misdirection!


We followed the stories of Hughie Campbell (AKA Starlight) and Annie January (AKA Starlight), who were arguably the main characters in the first series. Homelander was a fascinating antagonist. He is the leader of Seven – The Boys, the answer to the Justice League. However, he commands fewer supes (shorthand for super-powered).

In his conversations with his colleagues, it’s evident that Homelander is not safe. His temperament is the greatest fear. He can fly, has an incredible strength, and can fly. The banner-draped, star-spangled “hero” is childish at best and psychotic at worst.

Homelander displays a total and utter disregard for human life. He even kills for pleasure and has sex with the corpses of the deceased, in a dark but funny moment from season 2. Things soon change for the blue-eyed boy.

Homelander, who was once secretly in touch with Ryan, has lost and gained access to Ryan by the end of the second series. While his relationship with Ryan is not always perfect, we do see him caring for his children in brief moments. Homelander tells Ryan how he believes he can use his powers when he is afraid. Homelander helps Ryan calm down when he panics in public.

Season two ends with Homelander accepting his selfishness as usual. Ryan is taken away by Homelander to begin a new life. He serves as the Seven’s public face. It is a question I cannot help but wonder if Homelander will be able to leave his only true family.

Ryan’s mother, Becca Butcher is now deceased. According to promotional material for season three, her husband, Billy Butcher is on the warpath once again. Homelander is determined to reach his son and get back to the drawing board.


Although Billy seems to be the most likely answer to the question, if he is indeed able to summon superpowers (as teasers suggest), he will have to master them in order to defeat a being who has grown to wield his powers. This assumes that Billy is not being impersonated by another Doppelganger-type hero or something similar.

Homelander could use this potential conflict with Billy to make himself a true hero. Homelander could turn a new page if the Seven’s leader gives up his hedonistic ways to raise his son. Doing good can become a habit, and Homelander would be able to continue doing good if he learned to care for his child properly.


The Boys Season 3 can Still Save Homelander. Here’s how
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