Best Cycle Frontier Settings – How to Boost Your FPS

The cycle: Frontier is a game where every advantage matters. A boost to FPS can give you the competitive edge you need to win.

It will allow you to optimize your settings when you load the game. However, as with all automatic setups, it prioritizes graphics over performance. If you wish to increase your FPS, this guide will show you how to change key settings.

The Cycle: Frontier – How to Boost your FPS

Draw Distance has one of the biggest impacts on any setting. However, it is a good idea to keep this on Epic unless you are struggling. Seeing an enemy coming is more important than having the best FPS.

You can reduce Antialiasing and Shadow quality. These have little effect on gameplay, but they affect performance, which is why you get a better-looking game.

Lower Visual effects Quality improves both FPS as well as gameplay. Clearer effects are easier to see in battle.

FPS can be improved, but not just. Visuals can also make it easier to see other players and help you spot targets or ambushes from afar.

This is Foliage quality. Setting this too low will decrease the amount of cover your opponent has behind, at most to your eyes.

Developers add Motion Blur to improve their games’ visuals but at the expense of clarity. This feature is often disabled by default in PvP games, where it’s important to be able to see clearly while moving quickly.

After you have your settings in place, you can jump into a game. You can also check out our guide to Frontier Storms if you enjoy weather forecasts.

Best Cycle Frontier Settings – How to Boost Your FPS
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