Best Xbox One Open World Games

Best Xbox One Open World Games

Best Xbox One Open World Games

Best Xbox One Open World Games

There are few things that gaming is more enjoyable than playing in an open-world sandbox. The limits of what you can achieve are only your imagination. There are many open-world Xbox One gaming options, so it can be challenging to choose the right one. But Cultured Vultures has you covered.

There are some ground rules to follow when compiling all these games. We’re ranking them because we love spice. We’re using a one-game per franchise rule to keep the list varied. However, you can substitute your favourite game. We won’t reveal your identity to anyone. We also include backwards compatible games because the classics still have much to offer.


Here are our 25 top Xbox One open-world games. S thanks to backwards compatibility. Want next-gen open-world games? We are here.


There are two options for super-powered sandboxes that the Xbox One can play on (three if Saints Row 4 is included, but we’ll get back to that series shortly): Crackdown and Prototype. Crackdown’s combat and exploration focus are admirable, but sometimes it’s more fun to be a little bit of a bad guy, and Prototype does that brilliantly.

You are the conduit for dangerous mutagenic viruses and have the power and ability to transform New York City into your playground. This can be done by mimicking an old lady or roundhouse kicking people, or calling in air strikes at military bases. You also can transform your arms into giant blades. This is also pretty cool.

Riders Republic

Riders Republic may be the most challenging game on this list, but it is not because it is hard. The Riders Republic is a challenging game, but it’s not because it’s complicated.

The Riders Republic is an enjoyable place to go downhill fast, despite the snide dialogue. Riders Republic offers a wide range of sports, including skis, snowboards and wingsuits. The vast open space is waiting to be explored. One of the most liberating and enjoyable ways to explore an open landscape is to use a rocket-powered jetpack.

No Man’s Sky

You don’t have to settle for one world when you can explore an entire universe. No Man’s Sky is based on this idea. Players will explore a vast and diverse universe filled with alien planets, creatures, and other locations. You can explore this space by yourself or with a group.

Over the years, No Man’s Sky was updated to add a variety of new features. These include the ability to create bases, have pets, and take part in missions that loot abandoned spaceships. No Man’s Sky is a great open-world game.

Best Xbox One Open World Games
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