The Best Comics of July 2022 That You Must Read

The Best Comics of July 2022 That You Must Read

The Best Comics of July 2022 That You Must Read

The Best Comics of July 2022 That You Must Read

Summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere with July’s arrival. Half of the year is gone; we’re only a third through the seasons. It doesn’t mean that the comics industry will slow down in 2022 because only six months are left.

This July will release some of the most anticipated comics this year. It’s also great to grab some reading material for your summer vacation. Here are ten comics you can check out for a glimpse at what July 2022 has in store.

The Wrong Earth: #1 Meat — Tom Peyer and Greg Scott

AHOY Comics has published The Wrong Earth, Meat. This is the end of their one-shot series. However, the Wrong Earth series has been published in multiple iterations beyond its flagship title. So maybe this isn’t the end of the expansion into the wild Wrong Earth multiverse.

The Wrong Earth #1: Meat #1 is the story of Dragonflyman, an Earth-Alpha and Earth Omega super-hero, and Stinger, his sidekick. Dr Meat, a powerful supervillain, threatens Earth-Alpha’s sunny world with his wicked antics. Dragonfly, on EarthOmega, meets a strange person and can help.

This final issue, written by Tom Peyer (OG Wrong Earth) and illustrated by Greg Scott, shines the spotlight upon the heroes of these para-dimensional Earths. Fans can purchase this final issue to complete their anthology collection.

Stray Dogs: Dog Days TP – Tony Fleecs, Trish Forstner, Brad Simpson & Tone Rodriguez

During its brief run, the cartoon-horror comic Stray Dogs shocked hearts all over the globe. Its charming cuteness and illustrative cover could not have prepared readers for what lay ahead. The Image Comics anthology issue about each of the original series’ strays features the dogs back in July.

Stray Dogs: Dog Days contains short stories about each stray dog. The Master was a murderous master who took his first stray dog. Readers can go back in history to find out the origins. The trade concludes during the Master’s final moments of control inside the Master’s home after a heartbreaking journey through their stories.

The trade paperback included Stray Dogs: Dog Days #1 & #2 and the Stray Dogs FCBD Prologue story. Take a few tissues with you, as this comic is full of graphic violence and animal abuse.

The Tiger’s Tongue #1 – Olivia Stephens (Diansakhu Banton Perry, Bex Glendining, & Joamette Illegal

Mad Cave Studios presents The Tiger’s Tongue #1, a fantasy comic rich in magic, folklore and magnificent visuals.

Twin princesses, Aridani and Kelindi, are tasked with securing the Claw’s future the night before they reach adulthood. The Claw is under the control of the militant Tiger’s People, who are empowered by their animal friends. Adani and Kelindi have their values in avoiding war with Tiger’s People. However, an ancient prophecy forces Kelindi’s fate to be determined.

The Tiger’s Tongue celebrates culture, the African diaspora and ancient folklore through a stunning display of artistic merit. This captivating story is rich in magic and characters that deserve attention beyond the comic world.

The Best Comics of July 2022 That You Must Read
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