Stray: Where to Find All Plants (Red-Purple, Yellow)

Stray: Where to Find All Plants (Red-Purple, Yellow)

Stray: Where to Find All Plants (Red-Purple, Yellow)

Stray: Where to Find All Plants (Red-Purple, Yellow)

To earn the Plant Badge, players can collect three plants in Stray. All three plants are included in this chapter: the Red Plant, Purple Plant and Yellow Plant.

You don’t have to travel far to find each plant. This is where you’ll find all the Stray plants.

Red Plant
You can find the Red Plant by getting to the robots playing mahjong. The ladder is located at the top of the wooden railing. Once you have jumped, grab the bucket and then descend. Hop across the water to claim the Red Planet.

Purple Plant
The Purple Plant is the easiest to find. It’s on a large branch next to Isaac. Isaac has sat down on a couch on the lower levels of the branch, watching TV, and is also close to a memory. You can walk up the branch to collect the square.

Yellow Flower
The easiest plant to overlook in Stray is the Yellow Plant. Continue to the topmost levels until you reach the bar. Keep going straight past it until the small ledge is found. You can then jump out onto the ledge and grab the Yellow Plant you find.

You will need to bring all the plants back to Malo, who will then give you the Plant Badge. You will need this cosmetic item to complete 100% and earn the Platinum trophy.

Stray: Where to Find All Plants (Red-Purple, Yellow)
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