Valorant players believe radianite costs too much

Valorant players believe radianite costs too much

Valorant players believe radianite costs too much

Valorant players believe radianite costs too much

Valorant is a great game for anyone who likes to have some fun. The battle royale game offers tons of challenges and matches that will challenge those who want to master it.

Sometimes, however, these players are disappointed by something worse than accidentally being killed by Skye’s dog. The game’s store is a source of constant unhappiness.

The game’s radianite is currently drawing the ire some of the Valorant elite. Many players consider it to be too expensive.

Are you paying large amounts of Valorant energy source bills

In an attempt to start a thread in the Valorant Subreddit on the topic, Mr-DiaMond_ stated: “radianite price are way too high”. He explained: “Basically, if you want all the weapons upgraded, then the radianite costs you have to pay is more than the entire bundle’s cost to get them, without considering variants. The bundle should contain at least 30-40 Radianite points.

This was the majority of Valorant community’s response, with Alexandracrj stating: “Same here.” It’s absurd that skins are not available for upgrade – it’s too expensive imo.” TQAFireHawk echoed this sentiment, saying: “It’s ridiculous that you have to use an extra resource in order to receive the full benefits of your weapon, which already costs a lot. But hey ho.”

Mobile_Law, on the other hand, suggested they were having an opposite problem. He said: “me with 250 Radianite but no skins to put them on”, and ur_mom_6969420 responded: “I have 435 Radianite and none skins.”

Some players, however, took a more general approach to diagnosing Valorant store problems. Riyamu said that “all the prices were too high”, not just radianite. Jaja3333 added: “The skins are already extremely expensive and they would be very overpriced even without radianite.” The prices are outrageously high when you add radianite.

Some users mentioned that they had enough radianite through the game’s battle pass to be able to buy it.

Mr. DiaMond_ was prompted to add context by saying that he had purchased and completed every battle pass from episode one to chapter two, but still didn’t have enough radianite points. For me, and other premium bundle buyers, the lack of radianite is still an issue.

No matter if you have had any difficulties getting your hands on Radianite or any other item, we encourage you to continue following us for more updates at Valorant’s night market.

Valorant players believe radianite costs too much
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