Empire Total War Download for Android & IOS
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Empire Total War Download for Android & IOS


Empire Total War Download for Android & IOS

Empire Total War Game Overview

The Creative Assembly developed Empire: Total War PC Game. The fifth installment in the series was released on April 21, 2008. Download total war Rome II.

The game is set in the 1800s but also includes the modern era. The players have to choose a faction and make it the most powerful using different methods. This includes diplomatic, intelligence, and military means.

This game uses turn-based mechanics, so the players are free to start battles at will. This game also includes naval battles for the very first time. You will also have an additional mode.


This mode follows the progression from the Jamestown settlement to the American War of Independence. The players can start and play historical battles. Total War Shogun 2 is a strategy game you can also download.

Empire Total War PC Game features over fifty factions from around the world. The player is limited to only 11 powerful factions. This includes many historical Dynasties. There are three main theatres in which you can play this game.

Europe, America, and the Indian Subcontinent are three of these main theaters. There are also four smaller theaters, including the East Indies (India), Ivory Coast (Africa), Brazil, and Straits of Madagascar.

Multiplayer mode has also been enhanced with two different types of play. The real-time battle mode and campaign modes are both available. This strategy game is sure to be a hit. Sid Meier’s Civilization V is also available for download.

Empire Total War Game Features

Here are some of the most important features that you can experience once Empire: Total War is installed on your operating system.

  • Amazing strategy game.
  • Real-time tactics gameplay.
  • Diverse historical groups.
  • A graphically stunning game.
  • Multi-Player mode is available.
  • The players can choose their own factions.

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Empire Total War Download for Android & IOS



Empire Total War Download for Android & IOS
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