Tales of Berseria PC Version Game Free Download

Tales of Berseria PC Version Game Free Download

Tales of Berseria PC Version Game Free Download

Tales of Berseria PC Download marks the 16th installment in Bandai Namco’s jRPG franchise which dates back to 1995, marking their inaugural game Tales. For once in their long and distinguished history, Bandai has given birth to female protagonist as its lead protagonist!

Bandai Namco made their first attempt with TRACY in Tales of Xillia back in 2011, yet limited her playable heroes and platforms for that production. Tales of Berseria PC Download marks its debut across all three hardware platforms.

Tales of Zestiria takes place one millennium before its events; however, both titles share only superficial similarities that do not require us to know anything of what happened in Tales of Zestiria to enjoy this game. Players enter Midgand, consisting of various large sections of land as well as numerous islands scattered in the ocean – where people have learned navigation by building fast boats due to its location – which makes its climate unpredictable; some areas remain covered with permanent snow while other are bask in sun year round.

Velvet heroine, an unconventional young woman whose life was drastically transformed after an unexpected incident.

Players experience action from a third person perspective while exploring an immersive three-dimensional world. We interact with NPCs, complete side jobs (in addition to main storyline), move the map visible opponents we encounter into contact and initiate move against them; similar to its previous iterations of Tales of Berseria PC Download players fight again on separate three dimensional arenas known for this series and utilize its arcade mode with unique abilities and combo attacks tied directly into several buttons; additionally players have the option of assigning specific guide attacks (artes) directly linked with multiple buttons in this way for added customization of action when required by other characters on separate three dimensional arenas as seen throughout this installment!


How to download and install the full version of the game Tales of Berseria

  • Download the rar file from the link below.
  • Unpack the PC Installer using WinRAR.
  • Run the Tales of Berseria PC Installer.exe and click the Download button.
  • Follow the instructions and download the installer.
  • After the installation process and downloading click the Settings button and adjust the graphics settings of the game.
  • Play Game.





Tales of Berseria PC Version Game Free Download
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