Crysis 2 Xbox Version Full Game Free Download

Crysis 2 Xbox Version Full Game Free Download

Crysis 2 Xbox Version Full Game Free Download


Crysis 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed and published by Crytek and Electronic Arts, released for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms in March 2011. 1 It serves as both the sequel to Crysis as well as using CryEngine 3; at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009 Electronic Arts introduced an additional 1-minute lead time during their conference panel discussion.

New York in 2023 experiences an outbreak of an unknown “plague”, spreading quickly throughout Manhattan and prompting massive demonstrations and crackdown by authorities to contain it – leading to mass protests and crackdown by authorities resulting in its isolation by force from both within its boundaries and from outside sources such as Crynet Application and Local Logistics (CELL), known for their Nanosuit production company; along with martial law being enforced. CELL has some responsibility in the chaos occurring here as their armed wing appears responsible.

Alcatraz is an army member sent on a mission with several teammates from Crynet’s former employee Nathan Gould to locate him and learn any valuable insights into events that occurred and CEPH, an alien presence blamed for spreading viruses around cities worldwide. Alcatraz travels by submarine in an attack by CEPH that killed most of his team while leaving Alcatraz seriously wounded with numerous broken ribs and ribcages, which ultimately proved fatal for most crewmembers on board but severely wounded Alcatraz as well.

After recovering consciousness, she noticed a person on the coast dressed in what appeared to be an extremely advanced Nanosuit 2.0 costume – something which seemed to eliminate CEPH craft subjects as well as water rescue operations but then she lost consciousness again. Once Alcatraz opens his eyes again, they discover that their Nanosuit was found near a dead body with a gun nearby – as soon as Alcatraz picked up this gun his mind was flashed back with memories from before this occurred. “Prophet”, familiar from Crysis 1, turns out to be a mysterious soldier infected by the deadly virus; therefore he instructs Alcatraz to carry out its outstanding mission as it represents humanity’s last hope and they cannot fulfill it alone. Prompts find and assist Nathan Gould while Prophet says goodbye with these final words: “Don’t forget me”.



How to install :

  • Download Game crysis 2 and crack until finish
  • Open with power iso or daemon tools
  • Install until finish and don’t play first
  • Extract crack with winrar and than copy allof file crack and paste in directory place installed game crysis 2 and chose replace
  • Finish and play the game.




Crysis 2 Xbox Version Full Game Free Download
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