Riot Games Reveals SOUL FIGHTER EVENT to Include Four RUNETERRA Titles; Announce Start/End Dates.

Riot Games Reveals SOUL FIGHTER EVENT to Include Four RUNETERRA Titles; Announce Start/End Dates.

Riot Games Reveals SOUL FIGHTER EVENT to Include Four RUNETERRA Titles; Announce Start/End Dates.


Riot Games announced today the Soul Fighter event – an intergame summer tournament offering players of four of its Runeterra titles an abundance of new content, activities, and cosmetics to enjoy and pursue.
Riot has scheduled six weeks’ worth of Soul Fighter event dates so we have ample opportunity to discover their tribute to the fighting game genre and experience its profound emotional resonance, distinct character moments and anime tournament arcs.

Start and End Dates of Soul Fighter Event

Set in an alternate universe and hosted by the mysterious God’s Eye, the tournament centers around its titular Tournament of Souls competition where participants demonstrate their combative prowess on an arena platform.

No matter which titles you enjoy playing – League of Legends, Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics or Legends of Runeterra – or whether or not you regularly switch among them all, Soul Fighter Event 2018 has secured its start date as Thursday July 20. It will end its run Monday August 28.

Soul Fighter event starting date: July 20, 2023 and End date of event: August 28 2023.

League of Legends Soul Fighter Event

LoL will soon introduce a brand-new game mode which pits four teams of two players against one another in rotating combat rounds, offering unique Augments after every battle round and hoping only one team remains standing! As per publisher, one will emerge victorious.

Naafiri, known as “Hound of a Hundred Bites,” will join the popular MOBA’s roster, while 12 new Soul Fighter skins give existing players such as Samira, Pyke and Jhin a brand-new look.

Soul Fighter 2023 Pass will also be on offer, while Tournament of Souls in-client metagame experience adds style-rating focused combo-battle gameplay to MOBAs.

As Samira, you build your reputation through playing LoL games to meet new opponents and unlock more abilities.

“The goal of the tournament is to defeat all ten opponent champions and become its new one, earning rewards after each victory and unlocking both Story and Expert difficulty levels, each offering different levels of challenge that provide something fun for every skill and time commitment level.”

Teamfight Tactics for Soul Fighter Event.

Teamfight Tactics players looking forward to taking part in Soul Brawl between its start and end dates can experience its two-phase game mode Soul Brawl for themselves.
Training phase players compete to earn Soul Power that will strengthen their Soul Crown and open additional loot options; Tournament phase participants participate in best-of-three bracket tournament.

Two new Tacticians – Tournament of Souls Arena and Soul Fighter Event Pass – bring fresh rewards as you compete autobattler-style.

At The Choncc Dome, Champions and Tacticians collaborate together in preparation for the Tournament of Souls.

League of Legends Wild Rift Soul Fighter Event

Soul Fighter offers Tag Duel as a new game mode in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Here, players go head-to-head against each other in one-on-one combat to determine who wins this unique fight royale mode!
“Every player must select three champions before entering combat, which can then be seamlessly switched when off cooldown for all sorts of combos not previously possible with teammates,” according to publisher’s notes. The first player who achieves four kills will become victorious.”

Nilah, the Joy Unbound is joining mobile game’s roster as one of six new Soul Fighter skins and Event Pass to purchase and pursue.

“Soul Fighter features an exclusive in-game narrative experience focused on Draven and Yasuo as they battle in the Tournament of Souls and explore beyond.

Built as both a visual novel and minigame combat experience, Wild Rift provides the ideal way to test both speed and accuracy as you compete with fellow Wild Rift enthusiasts in battle matches.

“By progressing through this event, players will earn tokens that can be spent at various items available in the event shop as well as unlock Arcade Mode – wherein players play through various minigames as their chosen Soul Fighter champion and earn exclusive emotes!.”

Legends of Runeterra Soul Fighter Event

Legends of Runeterra’s Soul Fighter event has taken on an easier tone this time around, offering only an event pass and eight new skins alongside additional emotes and cardbacks.
Between August 1 and 28, Riot will donate 20% of proceeds from Soul Fighter Samira skin sales, Soul Fighter Event Pass sales and related bundle sales in LoL to its Riot Games Social Impact Fund.

Riot Games offers four titles at this event; Soul Fighter will begin and end between those dates to give fans plenty of activities during summer for all four of those titles.

Riot Games Reveals SOUL FIGHTER EVENT to Include Four RUNETERRA Titles; Announce Start/End Dates.
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